One Response to “Afghanistan Confessions”

“I greatly enjoyed your reading  in Saskatoon McNally Robinson, with the launch of your latest book of poetry, Afghanistan Confessions, which I purchased.  What amazed me with the work that you read is this:  I realized that for the first time, I was  *feeling* strong empathy for soldiers. Not till I felt this last Monday, did I realize that I had not had empathy for any military people. I felt like I was there with them, that I knew them closely, that I felt their pain, their stress, their love.  Your writing entered their human/humane core in a striking manner…

image by Allan Harding Mackay

image by Allan Harding Mackay

In my mother’s genealogical lineage, there were a number of men who joined the army, including one uncle and several great-uncles.  But I do remember that I have not heard a word about their experiences at any time, ever…  and my maternal grandfather disowned the army son for quite some years apparently too, and I gather that may be one of the reasons that silence about the military experience was expected. ”

– Martha.E. Zacharias.

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