Graphic Illustration by Murray Toews.

I’m getting organized for another work week; having had some Christmas (and my first turkey sandwich today) and going back to the city on Dec.27 to visit my brother and January 2nd to see my shrink. Somewhere in there kids possibly also, though we already had a lovely roast dinner, with the tree up, a week ago.

My plan is to write five days, 500 words a day on Boundary Creek. I will then ask for subscribers again…once the new posts are up for  January 2019. A good deal of November and December were given over to revision of my new poetry collection Love & Surgery, (forthcoming, fall 2019)research and writing towards my Boundary creek project, grant application and preparing a writing sample. Murray Toews has agreed to collaborate, and his image to the left is the opening image for Boundary Creek.

I will need to do some more cleaning. You should see my place. Yes the kitchen and bathroom are clean, but my general untidiness lends itself to the straightening up every slightly OCD writer must do before capturing that elusive first sentence, even a phrase might do. My Dickie Suspenders arrived today, I bought them at lunch on Saturday with Amazon one click, and there they were waiting for me…it’s only Wednesday. I bought my new jeans too big because I cannot tolerate to be bound around my waist or belly because of bad sciatica. I did wear a belt so my pants stayed up for today’s flurry of activity, but damn my side down to my groin hurts now. So suspenders and overalls will be the thing for my adaptive clothing.

Today I did some Christmas shopping at Tergesens, had lunch with Lynn and a very well behaved Alice, then off to the LWWG writing workshop session, with everybody bringing prose. The group today was me, Dorothy Adrian, Leah Isberg (host, in Matlock) and Pam Larner.  I stopped briefly at the Super A for fruit and a loaf of bread. (yes for the Turkey Sandwich)on the way home…and I’m waiting for it to be time for my meds and a good sleep. That is all.


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