LETTER C – Clothes Get On My Nerves


Coffee:           Pour it in our coffee cups before you take our pressure.
We share low blood pressure.”100 0ver 50 sometimes
so give us caffeinated coffee in our mugs and we’ll have

a pulse you can measure. Too much cream gives me nausea


Communion: Childhood mornings my breakfast: ‘Brocken; bread+ coffee + cream (not too much)’

Contempt:     How I am held, how I hold myself, even when nobody is looking.

                           Say, look at the cool 1963 Jean-Luc Goddard film starring Bar
                           I did, while my wife was out.  

 Cock:              Hard pleasure hard pain. Hard to maintain


Cunt              Wet somewhat the same.  bp Nichol said he wanted to have a                         vagina, softer and more humane.




four word line blue love eros gold leaf shoe boot help holy drum
horn tuba wood work word book oath toil brew haha pill
leak live more less even wise good over play free myth take
list left rite last same time foot rule fate face real need type
wife stop beat your life hang copy jump bump data undo hung
wash nose blow snow snap poet ogle home base iron salt fire
open sore pain ache head foot tail hurt muse sell hail ovum
zone zero pace sage lace game jeer year hear seer saga sage
sail self toad tomb womb boom ride side puny wave jury
born poor bill alms note bird lull echo edit feud jade ex





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