C is for Cinermatheque

C is for Cinematheque

Published: DECEMBER 9, 2012


There are other Cinematheques, but I am convinced this Winnipeg cultural gem is the best in North America, thanks to Dave Barber’s programming, informed by his knowledge and experience of cinematic history, local, regional, national and international film.

This last week for instance I saw the marvelous Canadian film called The Hanging Garden.  What it lacked in subtlety, it made up for in structure, dialogue, character development, and cinematography with a touch of magic realism uncommon in most Canadian film. I hadn’t heard of this movie before.  It was introduced by Shereen Jerrett, who chose the film as part of the Cinema Lounge series in which local directors chose a film important to them to show and introduce. (Now wouldn’t that be an idea MWG? Have Manitoba writers introduce books important to them and read from that influential work?)

This afternoon we saw a short film on the cubicle and longer film on west coast modernism as part of Cinematheque’s Architecture + Film series. The World Before Her is also currently being screened, an award winning documentary about the Miss India Pageant; and on Tuesday it’s Vision: From the Life of Hildegaard von Bingen an extraordinary nun from the 12th century in Cinemtheque’s series on leading women filmmakers. The last film before closing for the holidays is Tahrir Liberation Square, about the revolution in Egypt, in the news again this week. Nowhere else, folks, but right here in the heart of the Exchange.



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