During my survival, July 2023,  I spent near 6 days in a medically induced coma, which are famous for creating hallucinations as side affects. I remermber




The plane was heavy and slow dropping its landing gear to rise again the rush caused those with seats swallow hard they did hold on gravity finally
caused a wing tip to catch on a rock of ice bringing tons of steel to the lake front beach if the lake were in heat the emergency exits deploy but not

The plane full of orchestral musicians a modern dance company
latest ballet masters making notes on their modest of modest technology
trying to stay awake, leave the details for later they said hockey
there must be hockey where’s the bar not high enough
smuttered the highly trained in their disciplines dragging excuse
for drinks at the bar

tenders quite overwhelmed was one or two of the less than good
at stroking their instruments are ace at making cocktails
for sure, as the manager looked and looked on and drank cocktails
he was surprised you could make with local supplies he bought
from Gimli Co-op shocked to see the Glider storefront display
the lounge was never this full not even when I was drinking
there a Sam McGee making notes for a daftstory about men
and women who moiled for gold following a bum steer
now being served with buckets of beer no worries worries
worries for another day he was not averse to stealing lines but he was

concerned he hadn’t|ooked a room and it was getting late,
hours of darkness all that was left a heavy silence broken by snoring
ess musical than scarred by the fall from the concert halls of deep Europe
and curtains that came right down to the floor, where many where sleeping.
I went to the toilet with great relief until I tried to find
my hospital bed, and needed to push my way across two sleeping diagonally.

My heads more or less in the meddler happy to have landed
on something softer than what he could see outside
the windows growing frost crystal on the dark. Here was one
place he knew Gimli, Gimli new Ichewlander’s who were
forgetting to read and write the founders of the originals
of ISHTOWN sounds right poor as we they all were, the F gone missing.
I was freeloading once a gain stowing away on a way away.
The director has a thing for minors was the story. New angle
New film being made with a pair of pedophiles pleading the troop,one the production company and the other dance company. 

Charged for sexual harassment or worse, maybe. I was just getting
on the bus. or the plane on a jet plane, leaving and all that jazz.
We left hastily I heard as was often the case. They were not on the run,
strictly speaking, 
but they had no home which they were seeking another booking to get them there plainly reeking I picked them up in Pittsburgh
where they performed Swan Lake one night, The Nutcracker the next.

 Before a flurry and no passports they were in the air up where they belonged. There were argumentas about the importance of fuel, passports;
The director’s safety, and the age of the kids in the show, nationalities, which were saved but Gimli sounde like a nice town with a huge runway a practice used mostly for cargo loaders, or airliners running out of fuel, now that bombs and missiles travelled by drone, manipulated it was said back on this side of the continent the U.S. side 0f the border, around Fargo and Minot, the military industrial complex kept towns running just keeping up the change in armaments. Keeping up with the change in armaments.


The rumours where about the whispered bum boys signed on to the tour to learn from the greatest the ballet master who survived ransoming the score
and the choreography for Romeo & Juliet. Bought on the condition his company would not ever, say NEVER, perform this sacred version
of Romeo and Juliet, you see it had a Happy Ending, unlike the original.
His company toured Romeo & Juliet: The Seagull. (Sequel) They switched up the works only at the last minute, audiences were disappointed, but not so disappointed to harm company members.Often audiences ended up being taken in hotel room drinking games.

It did mean they could never play the same town as the same company again.

I woke and spent a very long time in the one washroom
for the ward of 8 beds, all as you hear, full, but none with covid,
though my time in ICU there were NO washrooms. If you needed ICU,
the story went you didn’t need a washroom. Catheters, bedpans,
whatever it took to keep you from getting up bound to the frame.

The choices were grim diapers too small or bedpans, now compostable,
also too small; imagine  250 pound Viking balance on the hornless head of a helmet ok I grant you the inside of the helmet under your ass, and you are shittingnlike you have never shit before. I will have to remember on my own it seems that I am allergic we’ll call it to stool softeners, the word laxatives fallen out of favour.

Opiates have been used in our house before I remember the product called Diaban, the only thing that would stop my father’s diarrhoea. So I was still
on opiates when I used a wheelchair to get to the washroom but I spent a very long time in the washroom they even knocked. I reassured them I was still breathing to leave. And got my buns back into bed.
Well the hellucination ratcheted itself down to nightmare status,
but I was still trying to get into a bed
I could not see behind me and maybe I fell.
But they got me back in bed just in time
to have me miss the plane in my dream.

My hallucination had two middle muddles.
The one where the plane stays down
and there’s a night in the air terminal bar, the bar now
key to the tourist trade to leg up to the melting north country air.
In the morning, regaining consciousness
I asked if there had been air plane type people in the ward last night,
 no they said. But you fell out of bed and you bumped your head,
who knows what you saw from your…don’t say it I screamed. 
smelling my sheets for urine, looking for another way
out of hear. 









































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