Let’s see let’s see there is nothing to see
I think we might have one in your size
Wait a minute two different poems
Focus what you look at but there is nothing boss
Nothing to see well then let’s get serious
Your feet to the fire, ah yes, FOOT to the fire

For lying about your broken your broken shoulder
Just a wise crack taking you down teaching Hubris
Hubris once again leaving so little to see Jimmy Bang
Clacking out of his sack again and again repetition
Notice you you switch persons whenever you’ve
Shit yourself bald with fear
and embarrassment
You’ve been

Shopping for Jesus, wrong store…..

These are the hanging complaints racked up according
To trash talking I imagine going against me
And brittle winds taking out my Christmas
hard cavity leaving nothing but saltwater gargle
Oceans oceans but here there is just a valley
With just enough hopler dopler to confuse my lame

Here we have arrogance in sizes large and extra large
Across the aisle here we have the cape doubling hoodie
There is nothing to it I am afraid of it like as a barking dog
Running zoomie circles around me with a take-down target
From target in polyester and lies of good working conditions
Here’s one in blue happy to say we have one in blue signed
By William Gass who ran out of well yeah, obviously but Gass.
Here we have the $999 version with a Gass signature and a complimentary
Copy of The Tunnel for free or his wowser essay On Blue being down
With a down filled comforter it is. But to sleep you huff and you puff
Crying a pig sized breakdown, a fiddler’s compassion your sister
Says, you can’t be much, but you can be kind, I’d rather “Leave it”
Shouting to the dog, whistling the Leave it to Beaver theme on the way home
One too many lines and not enough jokes.

oversharing in colours let’s see what’s left green and brown
Browns pretty hideous though
can you hear the people from outside
They are practicing ice removal
they are checking to see what life there is
I rice patch but I will not icefish for you next slide
so click click we have looked at arrogance we have looked
at oversharing and over here we have jealousy

There seemed to be a surplus of jealousy today what can we say Nobody wants to be you. On the other hand you don’t seem to want to be anybody else. Who can believe that!

You were in the hospital remember you wouldn’t wear any clothes remember you were naked naked naked naked and birthday suits well they’re harder to find if you want his capital age his birthday soon you may be on a waiting list would you like to be on a waiting list OK you could be on a waiting list 6 feet tall on a waiting list 6 feet tall

Can you hear the curtains close can you hear the curtain switch around my hospital bed ha what’s gonna happen do you think what’s gonna happen Google a good boy next live

My head is full of Lester Lester Lester by plus purbi per billing yes we’re hearing Diamond purbalingga that’s not for doing papala dingawe will skip this line I think and will start again with another

Hubris there that’s a good one we have a full rack of hubris you know all sizes from just a small little bit of hubris like all I’m gonna buy me a diamond ring so no normal course you’re not so I said with your eyes closed yet with your eyes closed did I say with your eyes closed of course with your eyes you’re gonna have to stop again stop again stop again you got nothing I got nothing but wishes now that’s in another department wishes yes the shelves are pretty bare for or wishes, oh Complaints, that’s a few ranks over. How did you get here?
I slipped, caught the grab bar and wrenched my shoulder. I thought it was broken that’s what it said on the first report, but not the one the doctor was looking at this is no poem
Because there was nothing too see.

Oh let’s see






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