Believe you me was a phrase Robert Kroetsch used frequently in his poetry, The Sad Phoenician for example. I seem compelled to explain my new Passages feature, which will end up in a new section to be called LISTEN HERE! to go with LOOKIT! and will also become home to podcasts. (Nothing doing)

When asked if I believe in God I have several replies. “God died when my father died.” “I’m such an atheist I’m not an atheist.” “I’m not a practicing Mennonite, I failed the pulpit test. Hell, I’m not even a Christian anymore.” Interesting fact: First Mennonite Church in Winnipeg was put on probation in the 1940s, because their leading minister and congregation had taken a position, contrary to doctrine, that with a loving God there could be no hell.

I’m interested in reading/writing about church in all of its manifestations, other cultures places of worship included. Also a nod to CFAM Sunday morning obituaries read with equal solemnity for the rich and the poor. Everyone listened. The poor took note where the funerals were and when, enjoying a meal in honour of the cadaver in the casket satisfying their drive to stay alive. The rest might use the occasion to relax or, more likely to schmooze, or network (fancy words for gossip – often to get scintillating details on how the corpse became so ). The broadcast was timed to be after nine am but not too much. People liked to get the dead Mennonite news before heading out to their church.

So Far, Gass (Lutheran) Joyce and Beckett (Catholic). I’ve just started. Anyone with a favourite published passage from a book should feel free to send it to me. I am also planning to post at least one recognition of a dead person, and not necessarily with a quotation. Gass yes, Billy Graham, no. You get the picture. Passages also serves as reading and research for my Mennonite Book of the Dead, and a novel Preacher’s Kids and a farce called A Month of Sundays.  Yes, I’ve read both Gilead novels by Marilynne Robinson. I’m sure there’ll be a suitable passage posted soon, believe you me.




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