I have completed acceptable first two draft ghazals inspired by String Quartets 1 & 2 by R.Murray Schaffer, cognizant of what I’m learning from Ravishing DisuUities and Hungry Listening. I enjoy composing in modern ghazal forms, and have plenty to learn. The rhyme scheme is more comfortable with every outing, and the disunity between couplets is a strength in my work. The rhythm of line and couplet  is proving to be the hardest to learn. I took a week or two between ghazals to collect my uncollected poems  called Spontaneous Combustion, for now. My whereabouts for now, will be largely spawned by my imagination, but the physical me be staying right here, in Gimli, writing in place.


Today I could smash five clocks, more if I could afford them.  Instead why not look at my first video-cast IN THE TIME ZONE with Victor Enns on my website under MLIP (My Life in Pieces) and then because B comes after A, the second episode called “Some Assembly Required” featuring a heart-breaking story of my sexual assault (the only one)and an outro featuring me putting my leg on to the blues of Rick Fowler singing “Back on my Good Foot Again.”

Thanks to Murray Toews!

The video-cast below “Clothes Get on My Nerves.” brought to you by the letter C, is the last in the first season. More episodes are planned for 2021 and I will be raising funds to pay for graphics, animated graphics, filmmakers, sound recordists, editors, and the folks who put it on m y website.I can just manage on $2,000 an episode, and there are 23 to go. I will work on these in batches of three, with d, e and f planned for spring and g,h and i for next fall. You can also help by subscribing to my blog or any of the categories posted with Patreon options.


Clothes Get on My Nerves

Victor Enns reads and writes poetry and fiction. Afghanistan Confessions, poems in the voice of Canadian soldiers, was published in 2014, boy in 2012. Lucky Man (2005) was nominated for the McNally Robinson Manitoba Book of the Year award.