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My New Left Foot


Here I am showing off for my daughter and her phone camera. This is as good as it gets, until tomorrow, day after tomorrow, day after that as I become more accustomed to my new leg and new left foot. There are no fancy $10,000 mechanics and electronics, and it’s heavy, considering that part of me has been weightless since my amputation April 5th. Thirty percent more energy it takes I’m told and then I ask from your average good foot or the mess of my own human foot bones and ankle, encumbered by a brace, almost as heavy as my new left foot. I’m playing a Sheryl Crow song from her early hit record that goes “Nobody ever said it was going to be easy, but nobody said it was going to be this hard,” so I manage to walk fifteen minutes at a time with walker, twice a day on the weekend.

Tomorrow I have OT at 2:00 pm, and PT at 3:00. I am back to wearing my right ankle brace and my gauntlets, all part of many different pain management strategies.

I have arthritis in my hands, particularly associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. Right now I’m putting to much weight into my hands running up to my shoulders, but the gauntlets ease that up, plus they in themselves encourage less weight because they’re just enough awkward, unless I hold the walker just so, and my hands likewise, to encourage a stance you see in my Sunday photo, July 24, 2018.  

And by the way….I seem to be in the lucky 30% …little phantom limb/pain. Don’t want to jinx my progress…..pain in enough other places, but one major source of high level pain seems to have gone with the foot. 

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