Family Matters

Vot Mutta Zaid 2

Shit my mother said Modernist Bread and Flying pancakes Just the first 1:30 seconds, haven’t figured out how to cut clips.  

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Shit My Mother Said

Vot Mutta Zaid There are random low-German phrases I heard my mother say that surface when I find myself in similar sixty some-thing circumstances. I will try to repeat them the best I can. I will not translate them. I intend to mis-translate them, providing an association instead. Here’s the first.   “Isn’t It Funny

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I is my middle initial. Stands for Irvin. My father wanted Ervin, German pronunciation. I mispronounced the spelling of our last name making the phone order for the concrete closure on the vault my mother’s grave. She was afraid of drowning having learned to swim only in later life. It was hard to miss as

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Victor Out Loud

I started recording an audio website component this afternoon. Plan to post it here and on Sound Cloud. It’s taking me a while to learn, and it’s aggravating. It takes a long time to upload tracks at WillowsBend, with a slow tethered internet connection, even though all of them will be less than five minutes

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Opa’s First Visit

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