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My angels are ideas that never stop, even when I’d prefer to rest. My angels are an idea factory. I have ideas as often as most men under 50 think about sex. I’ve had to reconsider the possibility of how many ideas I need to research, resource, and realize. So I will pen them up instead on this new page The Idea Catalogue.

IDEAS 2017 -2018

Have several pots , doors, boxes, or “stations” of stanzas, usually separated by a poem it could be, which is the artistic control left to the writer. The player would choose, and the game would be to put it together in a particular order or not, could set it up like a one-armed bandit…  Ghazals might be challenging. Villanelles also….and done something with it.

Another, more aggressive idea, and best if just one-click. Expletive generator app for whenever a pop-up, game, test, commercial offers or ad gets in your way of enjoying the Internet. First it removes ad, blocks others from same source, and sends a big Fuck Off! or whatever generated expletive back to the source…far enough back to find a human or Mark Zuckerberg if it all possible. How many days do you think it would last?

Divorce Gift Registry, no matter how things are split, couples, now single will need to replace what they didn’t get or left behind, so of course 2 gift registries

Pain level meter – a patch you place where it hurts and gives a reading from 0 to 10, using settings particular to your body before first use
paper made with my ashes and printed with my last poem….. maybe Kroetsch’s envoi….let the stars shine in our bones



IDEAS  SO….2016

    • Idea Factory
    • Idea Catalogue
    • magnetic cold compress socks, with the magnets attaching to any metal in your limbs
    • become a sit-down comedian using all my mobility aids as props = stand-up poetry tm
    • iPhone screens adjusts to eyesight of user
    • New Mennonite Cookbook (passed to Lois Braun) MLS fundraiser?
    • Illustrations for my southern Manitoba novels
    • Novel about Harry Nilsson (short story?)
    • MENTALTEASE (tshirts) i.e. Man-ick Man-ipulator De Pressed Bi-polar
    • boiled potato, corn in water timers (like the egg timers)
    • Klean-All Laundry Poet-in-Residence, Contest
    • Rhubarb Out-loudThe 49th Parallel, a revelatory interdisciplinary exposition of southern Manitoba from 1867 to 2017 in three parts using literary, visual, dramatic, media and digital arts set in Boundary Manitoba, a collobaration of over six artists including Victor Enns
    • Left-handed piano, bass keys on the righ
    • Higher wheelchairs instead of lower counters
    • Small-scale Solar powered refrigeration
    • first use for storage units holding garbage bins

some ideas from 2014 and 2015:

  • Envoi Poetry Festival
  • Envoi Publishing & Productions
  • Random Acts of Poetry
  • Power Poetry breakfasts (Pan Am Boxing club) Poetry Punch Up
  • Men’s Poetry Breakfasts Comedy? Or a more serious Why Poetry Sucks convo
  • Poetry Crawl – on the Avenue ({Portage and Provencher) on the Main
  • Envoi Books (non-profit stores)
  • Envoi Poetry Agency
  • Manitoba Poetry Week
  • Library Tour Fundraiser
  • YouTube or Vimeo of celebrities and everyday people reading or reciting poetry
  • Poetry welcome here signs, qualifying merchants ($25) and for home owners ($20) qualifying them for random Acts of Poetry

Envoi white t-shirts with do-gooder on the backHome Routes Poetry Program – 5 evening during poetry week, and a rural and a northern tour?



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