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I will post anything and everything that pops into my head as often as I can,  appropriate from my thinking. This is the most likely spot for He was the kind of guy, jokes, quotations, journal and diary entries. It is free, as free as the wind blows (remember) which way? This starts to sound like FaceBook, and it would be my time better used. There will always be room for comments. About will also be free, but I need to enlist paying subscribers usually to pay other artists to make the pages interesting enough to draw your eyeballs like the image by Murray Toews below, so Patreon is the place to subscribe to MLIP (also being considered as my spoken word persona), Listen, Here to support costs of the listening and writing project,  pain room,  and the New Revised Standard Version of Vicipedia. The old Vicipedia will be stuffed into the Archives with access limited to subscribers through Patreon or directly to my Website, my loyal first 50. 



I keeping thinking of Get Smart, a sitcom from my youth. CONTROL good CHAOS bad in the Spy VS Spy vein during the cold war. Chaos also describes what I haltingly call my writing process. This will become evident in its expression in the remake of my website. I hope to stick to the new headings and just keep going while I stuff all the old material into my archives as I go. Relish has given me the basic set-up and will redesign the Front Page banner by the end of January. Murray Toews will be helping with the construction  of the archives with some snappy images along the way, like this one from Boundary Creek which appeared in the July 2020 issue of Rattle.

I had a good start this morning but am fading fast.

Thursday, Oct 22, 2020

I realize my website fantasy will only ever  border on reality at best. I realize I want to blog for every heading in my banner. So for now, I am double posting my blog, aka my daily flog or fog until I can be sure the “first” blog has settled in under B in the archives. That’s not all, I plan to blog for “Listen, Here,” for sure and then create content unsteady as he goes for MLIP (My Life In Pieces) which will largely be video and audio podcasts, “pain room,”attempting to become an outsider art show, and annotate The complete Jimmy Bang,which now has many more new and blues poems the original 32 punk poems. And what to do with the Mennonite Book of the Dead, aka Dead Mennonites, Boundary Creek, He was the kind of guy and What Men Do.



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